Everything You Need to Know


What is the difference between MetroWest teams and i95S teams?

MetroWest (Brookline, Needham, Newton) and i95S (Foxboro, Attleboro, Mansfield) are just areas. The area name does not determine the competitive level of a team or teams.

Team practice vs. skills practice?

Skills practice – most teams will have 1 practice where they train with another team and another coach. Team practice – is when the team focus on their offensive and defensive sets.

What is the expected commitment level?

We understand the Boston Bobcats will boast many multi-sport student-athletes. With that being said, we understand we won’t have a full roster every game. Again, please inform you child’s coach so adjustments can be made to keep the team strategically competitive.

What happens if my child misses a practice or game?

Please inform the coach directly if your child will miss a practice/game. By doing so you will give the coach ample time to prepare a new practice/coaching strategy.

What’s LeagueApps?

LeagueApps is a platform to bring our program to one central location for communication and scheduling. Over the coming weeks, more and more info will be loaded on the back end of the system for families to know exactly where they need to be for practices, games, and skills sessions.

What is Tourney machine?

Is the app we use for 95% of our tournaments. once the app is downloaded, type in the name of the tournament and select the age group. visit – http://tourneymachine.com

What is Media Day and why do we do it?

Media Day is a day for the kids to come together as a whole and meet one another. Media Day also showcases what we are bringing to the table for the current season. Included in Media Day will be sponsors of the organization.

What is the Shoot-A-Thon?

We could have moved our club dues to the national average of $1,200 per player, but that would not sit well with a majority of our families. We have decided to add a fundraiser to balance out the costs of our scholarships insurance, gym cost etc.

How does the new partnership with Fore Kicks help the program?

The Boston Bobcats are officially partnered with Forekicks. Moving forward we will have tournaments, practices in training at their facilities in Taunton, Norfolk, and Marlboro.

How do you handle the payments for canceled camps/workouts etc?

The Boston Bobcats DO NOT issue refunds. Credits only.

Do the Boston Bobcats participate in Social media?

Yes, we currently use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What are your social media usernames?

Twitter (@BostonBobcats), Instagram (BostonBobcats) Facebook (GreaterBostonBobcats).

How many players will be on each team?

Each team will consist of 10-12 full-time players and 2-4 development players. Development players only participate in practice.

Do the Boston Bobcats participate in a Summer League?

The Boston Bobcats continue throughout the summer to keep all players active and tuned up for the upcoming Fall AAU season.

Where and when are the practices?

Depending on the season practices can be held @ Beaver Country Day School in Brookline (Chestnut Hill), MA., The Rashi School in Dedham, MA., Fore Kicks in Norfolk, MA., Jewish Community Center in Newton, MA., and/or Solomon Schechter Day School Newton, MA., and Brookline Public Schools on Mondays – Thursdays from 6-730PM, 630-8PM, 730-9PM, or 8-9PM.

Why do you potentially keep a full roster?

In the past 10 years of coaching youth from 3rd-11th grade I have rarely been able to field a full team. Allowing a full roster gives the coaches and organization some wiggle room for expected and unexpected absences.

How many teams are there total in the Boston Bobcats program?

The Boston Bobcats will have teams for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and Varsity grade boys. The girls program has 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade teams. To provide a full experience due to the anticipation of huge turnouts at tryouts we will have multiple levels of teams for each grade. (We currently field 67 teams throughout New England).

What do the club dues cover?

The fee covers, but is not limited to, the following: tournament entry fees, uniforms, uniform packages, gym rentals for practices, practice insurances, coaching fees, AAU player registrations, AAU coach registrations, AAU administrators registrations, website maintenance, advertising/marketing, and business fees.

How much will my child get to play?

Playing time is not a right. Playing time is also not necessarily equal for all players. Playing time for each player is solely at the discretion of his/her coach. The coach makes this decision based on a range of factors: player performance, level of execution, player work/focus during practice, game situations and match ups, and game strategy. Any questions related to a player’s playing time should:

  • Never be discussed or raised by a player or parent during a game
  • Discussed directly – and in person- with a coach
  • Focus solely on your child – no reference should be made to another player

Where will the tournaments be held?

Tournaments will be held in MA, NH, ME, VT, RI, CT, and/or NY. Our ELITE level teams have traveled to VA, NC, NJ, TX, LA, and FL. In the future teams will travel to other countries.