Boston Bobcats 2024: Looking to Make Noise this Season

The Boston Bobcats 2024 Team is looking like a top contender in New England as they begin High School this fall. The team played up one and sometimes even two grades at Zero Gravity and is looking to build off a great summer season. The team is coached by Bobcats Director Tyson Tyler, an experienced, passionate coach, known for his ability to develop up-and-coming players. With gritty defense, speed, and a well-rounded core, the Bobcats will be a tough matchup for any opponent.

The heart of the team is their tight relationship off the court. Many of the players have been friends and playing together for years and it’s clear when you watch them that they play for each other, not just for themselves. Damante Vanheyningen, a wing who will be a Freshman at Malden Catholic this year, explained, “We have a great bond with each other and that shows on the court because we are all unselfish and work on both ends of the floor.” Damante is an athletics scorer who can shoot and finish at the rim with either hand.

The team also has a talented backcourt in Amir Lindsay and Dante Hector, two guards who have great vision and high basketball IQs. Amir will be playing at Rivers High School and Dante plays at Beaver Country Day School. Both can score and play quick, aggressive full-court defense. The Bobcats also have a couple of tall wings who complement the guards and can finish inside. Barrett Loer used this summer to work on his vertical leap. He commented, “This summer I got better at being strong around the rime and using my body better.” He demonstrated this explosiveness this season and will be attending St. George’s School this fall. Another wing is Dylan Swinton, a strong lefty guard who is a lights-out shooter and can guard any position on the floor. He is attending Randolph High School this fall.

Another important part of this team is Rodrigo Dos Santos, who will also be playing at Malden Catholic with Vanheyningen. Dos Santos is a presence in the paint and can bang around with the biggest and toughest opponents. Robert Mitchell, a rising freshman at St. Sebastian’s School, is a tenacious defender and an elite slasher getting to the rim. Joan Mendoza plays bigger than he is, is a great rebounder and won’t back down from a challenge. The team also added some talent in the backcourt with Ben Palli and Henry Whipple.

With this talented group of young men, The Bobcats 2024 Team is looking to make noise across New England this fall season. They look to play the best competition and showcase the program’s top talent.